Welcome to Johnson Cases.

Here’s where you’ll find information, specifications and reviews on travel cases for every type of musical instrument from guitars to banjos, from trumpets to tubas and everything else in between that would benefit from the added protection that a high quality flight or travel case can provide. In a nutshell, if you own an instrument of any value then it ought to be taken care of – in which case you’re in the right place!

Ask any musician, and they’ll tell you that it’s important to keep your instrument and other gear safe and secure. That’s why they’ve got their gear stored in cases, gig bags, and covers when not in use. If you care about your instruments and gear, you’ll be quick to do the same.

A hard case, soft cover or gig bag aids in keeping your instrument in pristine condition. Dings and scratches, if collected on-stage whilst playing, are to be expected & are seen to add to the character of an instrument but those collected whilst travelling can be a real source of annoyance, as well as lowering the resale value. That’s why it’s not something you should skimp on – I’ve done that in the past & lived to regret it.

How do you know what type of instrument case is going to be best for you though? The answer to that is going to be down to a wide range of factors and your personal preferences. For instance, if you’re off on an international tour with a guitar or bass, you might need a hard-shell guitar case for maximum protection from knocks, whereas if you’re off on the subway to play a Friday night gig at a nearby pub you might prefer the lighter weight & manoeuvrability of a softer, padded case or gig bag.

We are best known for hard cases for saxophones & other brass instruments but are rapidly gaining ground as the ‘go-to’ guys for everything travel-related for all your musical instruments.

In short – We’ve got you covered!